The Arden Army provides Sober Companions for recovering addicts and alcoholics in order to make sure you don't relapse back to drugs and alcohol. Learn more about the individualized Addiction Services below.

Having a Sober Companion by your side when you are released from an inpatient treatment facility, or are entering an environment that can trigger your addiction habits, can be of tremendous benefit for your recovery.

Sober Companions can be present 24/7 and will help you restructure your daily addiction-free life and help you learn how to live a healthy lifestyle. Struggling with making better choices are challenges that arise, especially in the early recovery phase.

Whether you suffer from a substance abuse problem, eating disorder, or gambling addiction you will be placed you with the right Sober Companion.

The services offered by Sober Companions are as varied to fit the needs of each individual client. Here are just some of what you should expect:

  • Meet with the client upon discharge at the residential treatment/rehab facility to accompany the client on the journey home or to any aftercare program
  • Helping to locate and attend first local 12 Step Meetings within 24 hours (if this is part of the protocol)
  • Reintroduction to the family post-discharge (Return to family meeting/significant other)
  • Resuming work/career (Return to work meeting)
  • Supporting the client during the uneasy first few days. Insure that the home is a clean and sober environment
  • Provide Sober Life Coaching Services to the client, if requested by client, doctor, insurance or courts
  • Help client follow through with discharge plans prescribed by the treatment facility or addiction recovery center
  • Assist client with identifying alternate local service providers for continuing care
  • Assist client with spiritual development, holistic therapies, meditation, Neuro Shaping techniques to help rewire the neural pathways of the brain to encourage lasting change(if client request)

Live In Sober Companion
In the event of High Profile clients such as business executives, celebrities, television personalities, members of the clergy, who either are unable to go to a treatment center due to the nature of their work, or have unique privacy concerns, a 24 hour Live-In Sober Companion can be provided.

Live In Sober Companion services are for clients who need day to day individualized care but are not a good fit for residential treatment or prefer not to be in residential treatment.

Live In Sober Companion can provide 24/7 support and supervision for clients as well and will coordinate the client’s schedules, appointments, meetings with their psychiatrist, therapist, doctors, psychologist etc.

In addition to coordinating the client’s medical and psychological care, a Sober Companion also helps the client with academic and vocational goals, and can help the client integrate with the local recovery.

Sober Companion Services are highly customized. A custom treatment plan is generated per each client. The amount of time required to plan, organize, structure a match a Sober Companion to a new client.

Our Live In Sober Companion Services are a 14 or 28 day commitment.

Live-in Sober Companion Services Include:

  • 24/7 Live-In Sober Companion support and supervision
  • Coordination of psychiatric, psychological and therapeutic care (driving to/from appointment, collaborating with treatment provider, scheduling appointments etc.)
  • Coordination of work scheduling (driving to/from work/meetings)
  • Help client manage prescribed medication (if applicable)
  • Manage a daily or weekly financial budget for client (if applicable)
  • Take client to AA or NA meetings and orienting client to twelve step recovery program(if part of protocol)
  • Teaching client life skills with an emphasis on developing time management skills
  • Help client with academic, educational pursuits, work-related pursuits
  • Help client engage in proper nutrition and exercise
  • Daily meal planning, food preparation, grocery shopping, dining out
  • Planning and participating in extracurricular activities like: athletic, artistic development, etc.
  • Assist client with spiritual development, holistic therapies, meditation, Neuro Shaping techniques to help rewire the neural pathways of the brain to encourage lasting change(if client request)
  • Our Sober Companion have liability insurance and driving licenses/passports. Our Sober Companion are trustworthy, dependable, well-rounded individuals who are compassionate, caring and demonstrate strong leadership skills.

In addition to being seasoned professionals, some have special skills such as:
Yoga Instructor
Pilates Instructor
Tennis Instructor
Fitness Instructor
Kick Boxing Instructor

Art Therapist
Drama Therapist
Massage Therapist
Meditation Therapist
Substance Abuse Therapist

Professional Nutritionist
Professional Photographer
Professional Graphic Designer
Professional Interior Decorator
Professional International Chef

Sober Companions range from ages 22 to 72.

Their languages spoken include Arabic, Cambodian, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish.