Prison Transfers

Due to the massive and pervasive overcrowding in federal prison, defendants are more and more being sent to prisons far, far away from their homes and families.

Many times defendants who live in Florida, for example, are serving their sentence in California, Oregon, and Arizona — places that are thousands of miles from their homes.

Other inmates sentenced in California are being sent to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Georgia to fulfill the term of their imprisonment.

This results in fewer visits, less time with loved ones and family members, and less time with children and friends. What can be done?
We know the “ins” and “outs” of the federal prison system and can assist the family in obtaining a federal prison transfer.
We are specialists in assisting clients in all prison transfers including, Nearer Release Transfers, (Closer to home transfers), Medical Transfers, Lower Security Placement Transfers, Overcrowding Relief Transfers, Transfers for Training Purposes or Program Participation and many others.

Each transfer has a specific purpose and objective it is to achieve. Transfers can be escorted or unescorted. Some transfers may be requested by the inmate. Other transfers are the result of the inmate’s actions and are instigated by the Bureau of Prisons.

Before the immense federal prison overcrowding, the Bureau of Prisons attempted on a defendant’s initial designation to place the defendant within 500 miles of his or her legal residence.

Unfortunately, this is not happening now. The rise in white collar crime, longer prison sentences, co-conspirators in the same case, a backlog of prosecution cases, and probation violations are causing defendants to be sentenced farther and farther from their homes and families.

We are experts on the BOP’s policy on Inmate Transfers as well as the eligibility requirements, custody and security requirements, reasons for transfer justification, required documentation, and inmate transfer initiation procedures.

We utilize the Bureau of Prisons’ procedures and policies for inmate transfers which are outlined in Chapter 7 of the Security Designation and Custody Classification Manual. Transfers, also known as re-designations, are used to move inmates from one federal prison to another.

We explain, inform, educate, and assist eligible inmates in their quest for a federal prison transfer. We submit the transfer request with complete documentation directly to the Bureau of Prisons for the inmate. We offer a complete package that is very affordable.

Please contact us so you or your loved can be closer to home.