FED 101 Boot Camp

General Arden was on vacation in Brazil when he was arrested. He went through an extradition process and spent one year in a Brazilian state prison.

Brazilian Prisons are known as the most violent in the entire world. The guards are corrupt so there are knives and guns smuggled in easily.

There are stabbings and killings every single day. Brazilians carry a razor blade in their mouth from the age of 5. General Arden witnessed inmates being slashed to ribbons in only seconds.

If an inmate is discovered to be a snitch, he is beheaded immediately and his head is mounted on a sharp broomstick for all to see.

At the prison where General Arden was held, a snitch was in segregation, so after his wife visited one Sunday, she was gunned down and killed in the parking lot in broad daylight in full view of the machine gun tower.

If an inmate raped a woman or child, he is held down and blinded with his eyes burned out with lit cigarettes. Then his legs are shaved, he is forced to wear a dog collar, crawl on his hands and knees and be sold for anal sex all day and night, until his rectum is bleeding too much to make any money. The day before his sentence is over, he is beheaded.

General Arden was designated in the US to a federal prison near the border of Mexico, full of many different Mexican gangs.

It was an FCI with a reputation of being like a medium high security prison. There were metal detectors and constant lockdowns. Often times when General Arden went to chow there were teeth laying in pools of blood in the hallways.

There was a violent gang fight. It happened in the chow hall as usual. This is because the hard plastic cups can be crushed with the steel toed boots and broken into very sharp shards as shanks for stabbing. Inmates take their belts off and tie them around the plastic food tray to use them as shields.

In this particular fight the guards had hog tied one inmate as they thought they had the fight contained. Then gang members smashed a table through a glass window and dozens more gang members entered. The guards took off running for cover and the hog tied inmate was stabbed to death.

You may ask yourself how could a person like General Arden, with only white collar criminal charges and no prior convictions of violence, be sent to an FCI prison, which was like a medium high security prison?

General Arden was transferred to that FCI for what the BOP calls “Population Control”. This just means that they shipped some white guys to the prison to try and settle it down.

How can this happen? Even if the judge recommends being sent to a prison near your family the BOP is like a wild rogue elephant defying its trainer. The BOP can do whatever they want and could care less what the judge says.

Lucky for General Arden he had self-defense training. In the Brazilian prison he was able to disarm another inmate who threatened him with a knife and render him helpless. From that point on he had respect and nobody messed with him.

In the US prison when General Arden was challenged by a much younger, muscular inmate, he picked up a metal chair and rammed it legs first into the inmate as hard as he could, pinning him up against the wall. After that General Arden had the nickname of “The Lion Tamer”.

Normally it takes 18 months of good behavior but General Arden acted on it vigorously and he was transferred in a much shorter time of a few weeks to a lower security prison.

This all goes to show you that you need 2 things:

  • You need to be taught Self-Defense or you will end up being someone’s “Bitch” and washing their underwear among other things when the lights go out.
  • You need to retain the Arden Army to make sure you are transferred to the appropriate low security prison close to home and your loved ones.

The Arden Army offers a “Fed 101 Boot Camp” in South Florida, where you can be taught Self-Defense and all the rules of prison. The Do’s, Don’ts and the Nevers.

You can either attend a full time addiction treatment center and then enter the Fed 101 Boot Camp afterward or you can attend an Intensive Out Patient (IOP) program where you can reside in one of our luxury condos and attend mental health and/or addiction therapy a few hours a day.

The rest of the day you attend our Fed 101 Boot Camp. On the weekends you are free to go to the nearby beach, shopping, sight-seeing, etc.

We also offer an online Fed 101 Boot Camp via Skype if you are unable to travel to South Florida.

Please contact us soon as possible to enroll in our Fed 101 Boot Camp as it could save you from serious injury.