What are your fees?

We provide a clear-cut schedule of the fees in our agreement for the services you are receiving. There are never any hidden costs

Beware of competitors who do not know what they are doing and will not get you an alternative sentence or a lesser sentence. Many of them will post poor excuses as to why there are bad reviews about them on the internet. Let’s face it, if a client is unhappy they will post a negative review, it’s that simple.

What you require are real reports such a Substance Abuse Report (SAR), Dual Diagnosis Report (DDR), a Pre-Sentence Report (PSR) Rebuttal and a Sentencing Mitigation Report (SMR).

Our founder Alexander Arden authored his own 284-page Sentencing Mitigation Report motion and served 11 years less than what the prosecutor was requesting.

How much money could you earn in 11 years that you were not incarcerated? How much easier would it be on your loved ones and yourself if you did not have to serve 11 years?

A judge must give credence to our behavioral therapists or medical professional’s forensic psychiatric opinions.

We have one of the very few professionals in America, who is a member of our team and is a forensic psychiatrist (M.D.), attorney (J.D.) and (M.B.A.), so he understands forensic psychiatry, the law and business.

How much can you earn each year that you are not in prison? How much is it worth to be in freedom with your family and friends? Our goal is to prevent you from going to prison at all or for the least amount of time possible.

We see one prison consulting company on the internet owned by a former BOP employee who bad mouths companies, who are run by former inmates. He states that he is the best prison consultant, yet he is so stupid that he has on his website: “ex-felons”. This alone proves he has very little experience. An “ex-felon” with a federal sentence is only someone who has won an appeal and overturned their case or has received a presidential pardon. Our President, General Arden, is an “ex-inmate” and considered by many to be the best Prison Consultant in America. with much more experience on the inside and outside of the fence.