Q. What are the fees for the passport?

A. Here are the fees for both Standard and Diplomatic passports.

The title of Sovereign Knight or Sovereign Dame is included in the passport fee.

$ 5,000 – Standard Passport, Wallet Size Photo ID for one individual

$ 10,000 – Standard Passport, Wallet Size ID for both spouses and all children up to the
age of 18

$ 15,000 – Diplomatic Passport, Wallet Size Diplomatic ID for one individual

$35,000 – Diplomatic Passport, Wallet Size Diplomatic ID for both spouses and all
children up to the age of 18

$ 50,000 – Honorary Consul – Includes Diplomatic Passport, Standard Passport,Wallet
Size Diplomatic ID for both spouses and all children up to the age of 18

$ 100,000 – Ambassador – Includes Embassy, Diplomatic Passport, Wallet Size
Diplomatic ID for both spouses and all children up to the age of 18.

Q. What are the privileges of a Diplomatic Passport?

1. Your home and office will be officially designated as a consulate.
2. Doors which may have been previously closed will remarkably open once you have received your diplomatic status.
3. Top restaurants, hotels and clubs which may be “fully booked” will suddenly take your reservation.
4. You will receive free upgrades from many airlines to First/Business class at the check-in desks.
5. You will automatically receive numerous invitations to Royal/Diplomatic and Society parties and events.
6. You will meet top-ranking government officials and heads of state.
7. You will boost your business success as well as your social status and prestige

*With just one international flight upgrade with Emirate Airlines from coach to First Class you could be saving the entire $15,000 fee for a Diplomatic Passport and have all the luxury amenities like an on board lounge, gourmet meals, shower spa with your own private suite with full, flat, sleeper bed all designed by Mercedes Benz.

Q. How is the payment processed?

A. Payment is made to an escrow account of a licensed lawyer. When the passport and ID are received by the escrow lawyer, only then will the funds be released.

Q. Will I be able to leave the US with the passport?

A. The Arden Order of Sovereign Knights will be applying to the United Nations, to be formally recognized like the Sovereign Military Order of the Knights of Malta, which is authorized to issue passports. At that point the fee for our Standard passport for one individual would increase to $50,000 and the fee for the diplomatic passport would increase to $100,000.

It is possible to leave the U.S. on a cruise ship with a round trip ticket, using just a government document with your photo, such as a state driving license or ID and your original birth certificate (not a photocopy), then you can enter Belize or Honduras without needing your U.S. passport by using your Arden Order of Sovereign Knights passport.

Q. Where is the passport delivered to?

A. The passport and ID are delivered to the lawyer’s escrow via courier.

Q. How will my passport have my signature?

A.You will receive the passport and ID card along with a sheet of special plastic with holograms from the escrow lawyer. You sign the passport and ID and seal them with the special plastic with the hologram.

Q. How long does it take for the passport and ID card to be delivered?
A. 30 days.

Q. How long are the passports and ID valid for?

A. 10 years.

Q. Where can I renew the passport and ID?

A. Through the escrow lawyer.

Q. What is the fee for renewing the passport and ID?

A. $100 which includes the courier fee from the escrow lawyer.

Q. Will the passport help me to not be a victim of terrorism?

A. There is no city or country of birth listed in the passport, which can be a major factor against terrorism, if you are an American citizen,and may even save your life.
Q. What languages are the passport written in?

A. French and English.

Q. Are legal name changes possible?

A. Yes

Q. Is there a criminal background check performed?

A. No, there is no criminal background check. Under the “Universal Declaration of Human
Rights” anybody can have this passport and “Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.”

Q. What are the application requirements?

Q. Four passport size color photos, facing straight ahead, with no glasses or headwear on a white background. Apostilled copy of birth certificate and photo ID such as state driving license or ID or passport. One set of fingerprints.