Let’s face it, the fact of possibly going to prison is depressing. What made you do the things that got you into legal trouble were probably your addictions, just like our Founder, General Arden.

We cannot stress how important it is for you to obtain a “Dual Diagnosis”, which covers both mental health and addiction issues.

1. It can help you tremendously at sentencing, in obtaining a downward departure for a lesser sentence or even no sentence at all.
2. If you do get sentenced to prison, then you can be segregated away from the violence of the general population.
3. You can be transferred to a prison for RDAP for mental health patients, which is much easier to complete than RDAP at a standard prison.

Therefore, we urge you to travel to South Florida and enter an addiction treatment center for evaluation by mental health and addiction therapists, who can make the appropriate diagnosis to be delivered for:

1. The important Pre-Sentence Report (PSR) "Bible".
2. The judge, the court and your lawyer at sentencing.
3. The RDAP coordinator for acceptance into RDAP.

Your medical condition is like a weapon to be used from your arsenal. Other companies offer to get you a judge's recommendation for RDAP and for designation to the priosn of your choice. This is not the answer.

You must understand that the BOP does not have to abide by the judges recommendations. We assist you in obtaining the best mental health and addition therapy diagnosis that can be sent to the BOP to put in your medical records and the probation department for your PSR, literally the "Holy Grail" and most important of all documents in your case.

Please make the time for addiction treatment and if you have medical insurance it may pay for all of your addiction treatment.

Please contact us as soon as possible.