We cannot stress how important it is for you to obtain a “Dual Diagnosis”, which covers both behavioral health and addiction issues.

An evaluation for depression can be accomplished because let’s face it, who isn’t depressed with the thought of going to prison.

Plus, when going through the behavioral health evaluations many individuals discover that they have PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, Personality Disorders or others that they never knew they had.

You may have blocked out issues in your childhood like child abuse, sexual abuse as they are a very negative memory.

You may have had a traumatic issue in your life that caused PTSD. You may have had a head injury or other issue that caused Bipolar Disorder.

There are numerous different Personality Disorders existing that you may not realize you have.

Use of pills, drugs, marijuana and/or alcohol consumption can get you an evaluation for your Substance Abuse Report.

Both behavioral health and substance abuse evaluations are combined as the Dual Diagnosis Report.

  • It can help you tremendously at sentencing, in obtaining a downward departure for a lesser sentence, an alternative sentence or even no sentence at all.
  • You can be transferred to a prison for RDAP for behavioral health patients, which looks like a community college, where RDAP is much easier to complete than at a standard prison

Therefore, we urge you to have Dual Diagnosis evaluations by behavioral health and addiction therapists, who can make the appropriate diagnosis to be delivered for:

  • The Pre-Sentence Report (PSR) “Bible.”
  • The Sentencing Mitigation Report (SMR) “Holy Grail.”
  • The Substance Abuse Report (SAR) for acceptance into RDAP.

Your Dual Diagnosis evaluation is like a weapon to be used from your arsenal to fight for your freedom. Don’t rely on a judge’s recommendation for RDAP at your sentencing. This does not guarantee you get into RDAP.

You must understand that the BOP does not have to abide by the judge’s recommendations. The judge has a legal background and is not a professional therapist.

We assist you in obtaining the best mental health and addiction therapy evaluations that must be sent to the BOP to put in your medical records and the probation department for your Pre-Sentence Report (PSR), literally the “Bible,” which is one of the most important of all documents in your case.