Designation to Prison

We find that one of the most important things on a client’s mind is to be designated to a prison near home to be close to loved ones and friends during an extremely difficult time.

The BOP is like a rogue elephant that has defied its trainer. Even if the judge recommends RDAP and a prison close to home, the BOP does not have to abide by it. The BOP can do whatever they want. Read the frightening details by General Arden on the Fed 101 Boot Camp page.

Many people have the surprise of a lifetime and find they have been designated a prison in a desert with +110 degrees in the middle of nowhere or on a mountaintop with a job of snow shoveling at 3 a.m. with -30 degrees in 10 feet of snow.

Gone are the days of unlimited salad bars and soda fountains in federal prison. This is thanks to an expose done by Barbara Walters.

There are several Federal Medical Centers for medical and mental health treatment, which are much better than standard prisons. Bernie Madoff is famous and therefore he was sent to the crown jewel in the BOP, the prison complex in Butner, North Carolina, which contains a Federal Medical Center.

We know the elements of what is required to have you transferred to the prison of your choice. These are items that must be placed into your PSR, the “Bible” and your BOP medical record.

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