5 Factors That Could Turn Civil Unrest into a Full-Blown Revolution

  1. Economic Factors: This could take the form of an Economic Collapse and/or runaway inflation/devaluation of a nation’s currency, as well as chronic or acute unemployment, lowered manufacturing base accompanied by firings or closure of positions or plants.
  2. Warfare: can lead to a country’s dissolution either by insurgency or occupation, followed by an attempt to resist Revolt either against a foreign oppressor or a country that has (in the manner of the Hessians in the Revolutionary war) “invited in” an occupying army.
  3. Religious/Theological: in the form either of Persecution of a culture’s predominant religion or factions/schisms leading to confrontation of conflict between two different religious groups.
  4. Government Oppression: in the form of Excessive Taxation, taxation with either no representation (as when an executive branch secures a ruling outside of actual legislative bodies or processes) or misrepresentation (a tax is declared for one thing and ends up being “sequestered” for another. Other forms of oppressive acts from a “legitimate” established government include Martial Law” declarations or unlimited police power in the hands of the State.
  5. Civil Unrest: due to any of the above factors, with the added problems of Cultural or Racial Strife in the citizenry, with revolution as recourse, when the people suffer from the (genuine or perceived) blight of believing/knowing there is no legislative or demonstrative recourse in a peaceful vein. It can also parallel economic factors when the abolition of the middle class occurs with a great disparity of wealth between the rich and the poor.

When one of these events occurs, Big Brother has the right to come and take everything you own, like your money, stocks, real estate, gold, silver, car, gasoline, food and even the clothes right off your back, using the Executive Orders already in place leading to a New World Order”.

The government even has the power to put you into internment camps. Remember U.S. citizens of Japanese descent in WWII.

Also, at one time in history, Japanese citizens were not allowed to leave Japan for 200 years. The penalty for trying to escape was execution.

Did you know that the federal government has bought over 2 Billion rounds of Hollow Point ammunition, which will blow a huge hole in you when it hits? The government certainly does not need this ammo for target practice. If the people rise up in protest, the government will use this ammo to kill you.

Many federal employees have weapons training, and even your postal inspector carried a gun. Since they are all sucking on the teats of the big government cow, they will not give up their fat salaries and retirement checks to protect you.

If Americans won’t pull the trigger on other Americans, then the government will just bring in paid foreign soldiers who hate Americans and would be happy to do it.

We all know we could never win a firefight with the feds. Remember the Kent State Massacre when students were killed by the National Guard, Ruby Ridge when a woman was shot dead with her baby in her arms by an FBI agent and the Waco Siege where 76 members of a church, including many children, were burned to death by the ATF.

When we say Fight the Feds”, we don’t mean with bullets, we mean in the courtroom. We have some of the best tax, civil, and criminal attorneys available from our affiliate Arden Partners.

If you don’t have enough money to acquire a second passport from a foreign country, then staying in the U.S. would mean buying a ranch or mountain cabin and living off the grid in the event of an emergency

You must worry about people from the urban areas coming and trying to steal your food and water. You must arm yourself with weapons, ammo and have the proper food, water, and emergency supplies.

Residency, Second Passport, and Economic Citizenship Programs

There is an old saying Love It or Leave It”. If you are thinking about leaving the US in the event of a revolution or apocalypse, in our section Arden Group, it lists information on available Residencies, Second Passports, and Economic Citizenship Programs” and 5 of the least expensive countries to move to: Belize, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Panama, and Thailand”.


There are some exceptional benefits for U.S. citizens investing in foreign countries. There are 2 assets that do not have to be reported to the IRS and they are foreign real estate and gold held in private vaults. The gold could be held in a private vault company or just your personal safe.

The foreign earned income exclusion for U.S. citizens is up to $100,800 per qualifying person in 2015. If the individuals are married and both work abroad, each one can choose the foreign earned income exclusion. Together, they could exclude as much as $201,600 income for the 2015 tax year and this amount increases every year.

Another benefit is that the IRS allows for the exclusion of a realized capital gain of up to $250,000 ($500,000 if married filing jointly) from income from a sale of the taxpayer’s principal residence. You must have lived in the house for at least 2 years out of the previous 5 years before the sale.