General Alexander Arden is named after “Alexander the Great” and with his Danish heritage, it is how he got his nickname. General Alexander “The Great Dane”Arden. He is the “5-Star General” and “Commander in Chief” of “The Arden Army,” a non-profit, trans-denominational church.

We are in this for the cause, not for the money. The Arden Army officers use military style titles and uniforms, just like The Salvation Army.

“General Alexander “The Great Dane” Arden” was a former actor/singer and member of the “Screen Actors Guild,” turned real estate broker/mortgage banker in Beverly Hills.

He lived in a gated, panoramic, multi-million dollar Hollywood Hills villa, just above the world famous “Sunset Strip” and was known as the “Rock and Roll Realtor” for throwing his famous star-studded parties.

Alexander’s own addictions to sex, food, drugs, alcohol and gambling led him to a hedonistic “Hotel California” lifestyle.

The early 1990’s real estate downturn caused severe financial problems for him as all property went “underwater.” He became involved with businesspersons, who he did not realize were unscrupulous in an attempt to earn funds to save his home from foreclosure. He was used as a “straw-man” and left to take the fall, which later led to his federal indictment.

He also gambled to try and win money to pay his mortgage. He had death threats from a loan shark over his gambling debts and after his house was foreclosed on, he left America.

Alexander was indicted on white collar multi-million dollar federal charges. At that time, he was residing abroad with his wife. His addiction problems would not allow him to return to the US to “face the music” and the loan shark who wanted to kill him.

His new gold digging wife of only one year returned to the US and began to cooperate with an FBI agent a few months after the indictment, believing that she would receive financial gain from Alexander, if he was forced to return to America.

Alexander found out later that this FBI agent had an improper, sexual relationship with his wife.

Alexander flew to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, (TRNC), a small no man’s land without an extradition treaty with the US. A few months after his wife returned to America, he was told by local friends that there were two FBI agents searching for him in the TRNC, who intended to kidnap him and transport him illegally in the trunk of a car to the southern part of Cyprus, where there was extradition.

He escaped their kidnapping attempt and after spending time in other countries, he eventually moved to Panama. He opened an asset protection business there for nearly a decade and is considered an expert in international business corporations, (IBC’s), limited liability corporations (LLC’s), foundations, trusts, banking licenses, insurance licenses, economic citizenship programs, second passports and residencies.

Alecxander led the FBI on a nearly 10 year around the world chase in over 50 countries. His life was like the film “Catch Me If You Can,” starring Leonardo de Caprio, except that Leonardo’s female companions were fake stewardesses and Alexander’s were real supermodels.

He lived a jet-set lifestyle from Monaco, London, Paris, Milan to white sand beaches in the Caribbean, Boracay, Bali and Rio de Janeiro. He is in the process of authoring his autobiography, which he will have turned into a screenplay and film.

Alexander’s hypersonic lifestyle caused him to have a drug and alcohol fueled near fatal high speed auto accident, in an expensive exotic car, much like Fast and Furious, Paul Walker’s crash, except he fortunately survived.

While on a trip to Brazilon business,Alexander stayed on to vacation. He then flew down his gay web designer from Panama to do some work side by side at a beach side internet cafe. The gay web designer’s sugardaddy queen became jealous that the web designer was in Brazil and he flew down.

They had a huge physical fight and the sugar daddy queen went to the police stating the web designer and Alexander were involved with laundering money for wealthy Brazilians, which was a lie. Alexander and the web designer were both arrested.

Alexander had a lot of electronic gadgets with him when arrested and the Brazilian police called him the “James Bond Americano”. He had many photos of beautiful women with him and cellphone records showed calls from middle eastern clients. Alexander was branded the “Playboy Terrorist” in all of the media.

In fact, later in an end of the year television special, Alexander came out as the number 3 news story of the year. Number 1 was Brazil winning the world cup and number 2 was a high school graduate named “Lula” winning the Brazilian presidency.

When in the Brazilian jail, Alexander was visited by two FBI agents, but would not give them any information about his offshore banking clients from the US, even though he could have earned millions of dollars from the IRS for turning them in.

Unlike Leonardo de Caprio, the FBI never got credit for catching Alexander, which has continued to remain “under their skin” until today.

Alexander is not a “snitch” and would never be one, not for any price.

Immediately after that visit by the FBI, the Brazilian guards stated to him that the FBI told the guards not to give him food and then he would talk. Because extradition was a federal matter, and there was no federal prison in the state where he was apprehended, he was forced to stay in the custody of the local federal police jail (delegacia).

Alexander was kept in a dungeon like solitary confinement naked, as the guards said he might try and commit suicide by choking on his clothing. He had no light and was kept in darkness as the guards said he as a 007 type might hot wire the ceiling light to the cell bars to try and electrocute them.There was no fan and temperatures reached over a 100 scorching degrees.

He slept on a cement bunk without any mattress or pillow. His cell was at the level of the underground garage and the only air he had to breathe was the exhaust of cars going in and out.

The dirty drinking water came out of a rusty old faucet. The toilet was just a hole in the ground with large rats trying to catch giant cockroaches and poisonous centipedes, who crawled in to eat his feces.

The jail was next to a swamp. The guards set upa trough full of water outside the very small window, which was near the top of the cell at ground level, so that mosquitos could breed.Hundreds of mosquitos entered and ravaged his body daily.

He looked like he had perpetual chicken pox. His best friends were a few bats who flew in like mini stealth bombers to eat some of the mosquitoes. Every morning he had a pile of 500 mosquitos he had killed.

Breakfast was just a piece of old, dry bread. The meal was supposed to be a small portion of rice, beans and one chicken drumstick on top. The guards always stole the drumstick, so he had no protein. Guards enjoyed writing on the white paper lid of the small tin foiled plate, words equivalent to “American Imperialistic Pig”, “Down with the USA”, “F*** George Bush,” etc.

Alexander survived on this little portion of only rice and beans for one and a half years in solitary confinement. He is normally 6’2”went from 220 pounds down to 120 pounds, was hallucinating and near death. The U.S. embassy did absolutely nothing about it.

Finally, a new police lieutenant was hired and became afraid Alexander would die on his watch. The lieutenant petitioned the Supreme Court of Brazil to transfer him from the federal jail to a Brazilian state prison, the most dangerous prison system in the world.

He was transferred on a stretcher with a fleet of SUV’s and guards with high powered automatic weapons, as they said he had connections with very important, wealthy clients, who were willing to do anything to free him. As a parting gift the guards, who had Alexander’s hands handcuffed behind his back, broke his arm simply out of spite.

At the state prison, there was a thriving business of drugs which were constantly smuggled in. There were fights between gangs armed with homemade shanks, where inmates were killed.

Brazilians carry a razor in their mouth from about the age of about five years old to protect themselves in the favelas. (ghettos). Alexander saw many inmates slashed to ribbons with fountains of blood spewing out like geysers.

Once a month, a masked military police swat team came in to check for shanks and drugs. The inmates were forced to kneel all day naked in the blazing hot sun with their arms held behind their heads.

The inmates had to urinate or defecate on themselves as there were no bathroom breaks. If an inmate dropped their arms, they were hit hard in the head and body with the butts of machine guns.

Alexander was hit in the head numerous times and still suffers from PTSD and Major Bipolar Disorder (MBD.

Snitches are not tolerated in prison. If it is discovered that an inmate has given information on a crime, they are instantly beheaded, and their head is jammed on a broomstick for display.

One snitch who was being held in a special cell away from other inmates, had his wife shot dead in her car in the prison parking lot on visiting day.

In Brazil, the worst crime a man can do is the rape of a minor child. In prison his eyes are blinded by cigarettes and he will be forced to crawl on four legs with a leash like a dog to be sold for anal sex 24/7 in trades for cigarettes. The last day before his sentence is up, he is beheaded.

Alexander finally beat his extradition process and he was freed from the Brazilian prison. He had a beautiful daughter with a gorgeous girlfriend and the Supreme Court of Brazil ruled that he could not be expulsed.

This FBI agent who had sex with his’s wife created a more devious plan. Brazilian police came to his residence and stated that the FBI told them that they should extort Alexander and if he did not give the Brazilian police a large amount of money that they should plant a gun and cocaine in his home, a crime which carried a minimum sentence of 10 years.

This was done to strong arm Alexander into leaving Brazil and return to America. He was certain he would not survive 10 years in the dangerous Brazilian state prison system and was forced to return to the US.

At a “proffer” meeting, Alexander met with his attorney and the FBI agent who had sex with his wife. As previously stated, he is not a “snitch” and would never give information on any offshore banking clients from the US, but he did decide to give valuable information on the illegal dealings of a foreign individual, who committed a theft of $20,000 by selling Alexander a fraudulent offshore service.

Nothing became of the proffer meeting because the FBI agent who the sexual affair with his wife, lied to the prosecutor. The prosecutor then stated at the sentencing that the information Alexander had given on the foreign individual was untrue, which was a completely false statement.

A high percentage of the FBI are good, upstanding Mormons, but this FBI agent was a downright, evil,rotten to the core liar.

The prosecutor was hell bent on not granting Alexander a “C Plea” which is for a specific number of months. Instead they only offered him an “Open Plea.” An open plea is not for any guaranteed period of time.

Alexander met a man in his pre-trial federal detention center, who had been told by his attorney that he would only receive 5 years and it was approved by the prosecutor. But an open plea is only a wink and a nod agreement and there is nothing in writing.

After the man pled guilty with an open plea, the prosecutor brought in new charges and the man was sentenced to 30 years. If a client has any skeletons in the closet, they need to be very careful about agreeing to an open plea

At Alexander’s trial, witnesses and his ex-wife were coached by the prosecutor, and told lies, to sway the jury. The prosecutor also lied and grossly embellished situations.

God only knows what kind of phony new charges and false testimony from witnesses, the dishonest prosecutor would have brought against him if he had pled guilty to an open plea.

During his pretrial Alexander was not granted bail. This made him very agitated and to calm down thought he was being prescribed “Librium” by the prison psychiatrist. Instead, he was given “Lithium”, a much more powerful drug.

Most likely at the request of this FBI agent, the Paraguayan psychiatrist purposely never requested any mandatory blood exams and too much lithium can cause coma, brain damage and even death.

Alexander’s overdose of “Lithium Toxicity” caused him a loss of memory, unclear thinking, irregular heartbeat, blurred vision,dizziness, slurred speech and muscle twitching with trembling of the hands and legs.

These effects appeared to make Alexander nervous and anxious. It certainly had a negative impression on the jury, because it appeared as if he was lying.

Alexander had been given a court-appointed attorney, who put absolutely no effort in at all. The attorney did not meet with him before the trial to go over any of the evidence and was very ill prepared to go to trial.

The attorney didn’t do anything, but repeatedly bang his hairy knuckles loudly on a desk like a wild chimpanzee, which really irritated the jury.

The court-appointed attorney never paid for a handwriting expert to testify on behalf of Alexander in his trial. Instead the attorney chose to keep all the money for himself, which had been allotted as payment to him by the court for his legal services.

The US Probation Department in collusion with the prosecutor came up with “Sentencing Enhancements,” which allows a judge to increase a defendant’s sentence for a specified term. There were sentencing enhancement points that were entirely false.

The reality was that Alexander should have received a sentence of no more than 30 months and with the Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP), he would have received 18 months off his sentence and been released after only one year.

The actual owner of the business had used a false name and disappeared. It turned out the manager of the business had several felonies in multiple states, which Alexander was unaware of.

There should never have been federal charges against Alexander, but while he was abroad the former manager of the business cut a deal with the government and agreed to testify against him.

The manager had actually forged Alexander’s name and committed the federal charges, then used the money to pay for his expensive crack cocaine habit.

This same manager stole over $200,000 from victims over the telephone, after he was incarcerated in federal prison and was never even charged with the crime. He

probably was a “snitch” and testified against somebody in prison. This is often done by inmates to get out early.

With Alexander’s knowledge of Spanish and Portuguese and former study of psychology in college, he was given the prestigious job of being an “Inmate Companion on the Suicide Watch Team” in the “Special Emphasis Unit” (SEU). The SEU was where mental health inmates were housed.

These inmates were cutting and burning themselves. Suicidal inmates were made to wear a helmet with a turtle suit and looked like “Ninja Turtles.” This was done so they could not hurt themselves and they were housed in a special lock down cell with a glass window. They were monitored 24/7 until they were stabilized with enough medication to be release back into the SEU.

Prior to sentencing, Alexander had access to an old,broken down typewriter, but managed to author a 284 page sentencing mitigation motion.

The prosecutor requested a sentence of 16 years, but due to a convincing motion, Alexander only served 5 years.

Alexander also wrote a manual of over 100 pages titled, “How To Earn Your College Degree While Incarcerated,” which had a list of numerous colleges and universities which offered correspondence courses.

The warden shook his hand and told him what a fine job he had done. The warden wanted to make copies and distribute them throughout the federal prison system.

Alexander opposed this as he had copyrighted it and planned to have his sister publish it to make it available for sale to help pay living expenses for his daughter back in Brazil.

When Alexander would not agree to the warden’s demand, he was handcuffed and taken to the “Special Housing Unit”(SHU), which is a fancy name for the “hole.”

The warden stated Alexander was “running a business,” which was a lie as it was his sister who would have published the manual.

After sentencing, the FBI agent arranged to have Alexander designated to the worst prison in the federal system in Texas, near the border of Mexico, even though he had no history of violence.

The prison was a Federal Correctional Institution (FCI), but was more like ahigh security prison with all the problems from the numerous Latino gangs incarcerated there.

There were many metal detectors,so inmates carried homemade shanks made of wood and chicken bones. Alexander saw numerous fights and pools of blood. Teeth were kicked out with steel toed boots,once an inmate was knocked to the ground.

There was a riot in the dining hall. Inmates take their belt off and wrap it around the plastic tray as a shield. Then they break hard plastic glasses with their boots and use them as shanks.

Seventeen inmates went to the hospital with stab wounds and one inmate was stabbed to death.

With so many gang problems there, Alexander knew he had to get transferred, so he made a list of 10 important issues that needed to be fixed at the prison, sent it to the warden and started a hunger strike.

Alexander was again put in the hole as he was considered a trouble maker. Inmates lasted one week on the strike and finally gave in to a special meal of steak and eggs the kitchen provided.

Alexander lasted 18 days without eating anything and was transferred to the Federal Satellite Low (FSL) on a nearby army base, which is where he should have been designated in the first place.

At the FSL, they had heard of his reputation and he was challenged by a much younger, muscular, black inmate. Alexander used a chair and rammed the inmate, pinning him against the wall. He then was given the nickname, “The Lion Tamer,” and had no problems with anybody after that.

An FSL had a fence, but some inmates were allowed to go out and work in the community just like a federal prison camp. Alexander was transferred to another FSL in Georgia, which looked like a junior college, to complete RDAP. Alexander was never designated to a camp because he had been a fugitive.

After Alexander was released on probation, there were remarks made to him by an individual, who knew his ex-wife very well. These remarks were made by his ex-wife to this individual regarding this FBI agent.

That is when he discovered that this FBI agent had a sexual affair with his wife.

At that point he filed a lawsuit against the US government and the FBI. For some unknown reason the mail from that court was never forwarded later to his new address and without a response by Alexander the case was dismissed.

He became worried that federal agents were interfering and were going to violate his probation and he did not refile the case in the federal court in Miami.

His worry turned out to be correct as his probation was later violated.

By coincidence Alexander inspected a criminal background report about himself and read he was on the “Most Wanted List.”

His case was not a crime of sex, drugs or violence, but just a white-collar charge and he should never have been on the “Most Wanted List” in the first place, except that the FBI agent who was “canoodling” his ex-wife sought to cause him harm.

Being on the “Most Wanted List”, made him seem to be a dangerous person. His background report still shows he is on the “Most Wanted List”, even today.

He received a copy of his FBI report which had several portions “redacted” (blacked out), which means that the agency obviously has something to hide about this FBI agent.

Alexander founded the Arden Army, a non-profit, trans-denominational church, while still on probation.

He had the Arden Army website designed and it was uploaded to the internet. Upon reading the content and seeing that he was going to help people, who had been indicted for a crime, the US Probation Office served him a summons for violation of his probation.

At the court hearing, the US Probation Office requested the violation his probation and gave him the option of 4 months of home confinement and force the Arden Army’s website offline or be sent back to prison.

Forcing the Arden Army’s website offline was a violation of Alexander’s and the Arden Army’s “First Amendment Religious Rights.”

The US Probation Department had the right to request him to resign as the president of the Arden Army, pursuant to his probation, but they did not have the right to force the Arden Army’s website offline, as it is a non-profit church and he does not have any ownership or shares in it.

His probation was finally terminated, and the Arden Army website was uploaded again after nearly 1 year of being offline and without being able to receive online donations.

Agencies of the US government tried to blind Alexander by not giving him proper treatment for his glaucoma in federal prison and he lost a large portion of his vision.

Agencies of the US government tried to kill Alexander by not giving him food while he was incarcerated in a Brazilian jail.

There has been an ongoing, deliberate, intentional, discriminating harassment, including starvation and torture against Alexander caused by federal agents of the United States government for 22 years.

Alexander and The Arden Army, are in the process of filing a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the United States of America for a violation of their First Amendment Religious Rights including damages for pain and suffering.

Historically in America, “5 Star Generals” were only appointed during the war. General Alexander Arden has been appointed the 5 Star General of the Arden Army.

General Alexander “The Great Dane” Arden will win the war for his clients and help you “Fight Your Addictions and For Your Freedom.”

Remember the Saying, “Don’t Mess with the Big Dog.”