General Alexander “The Great Dane” Arden founded The Arden Army a non-profit, trans denominationalchurch, which believes that meditation is a very important factor in promoting peace on earth.

General Alexander received his nickname “The Great Dane” from a combination of “Alexander the Great” and his Danish heritage.

General Alexander “The Great Dane” Arden is the 5 Star General and Commanderin Chief of the Arden Army.

Historically in America, “5 Star Generals” only existed during times of “War.” The Arden Army officers use military titles and uniforms, like the Salvation Army.

The Arden Army church believes that everyone is created equal.

Our maxim is: “One Planet One People.”

After being released from federal prison Alexander Arden created the Arden Army and five affiliates as follows:

Arden Army is our church fighting for inmate rights and prison reform.

Arden Group is our group of professionals offering second citizenships.

Arden Centre is our first addiction and anti-aging clinic based in Thailand.

Arden Partners is our group of attorneys specializing in sentencing mitigation.

Arden Associates is our group of behavioral therapists and addiction counselors.

Arden Intervention is our group of interventionists who perform worldwide interventions