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General Alexander Arden is named after “Alexander the Great” and with his Danish heritage, it is how he got his nickname. General Alexander “The Great Dane” Arden is the “5-Star General” and “Commander in Chief” of “The Arden Army,” a non-profit, non-denominational religious organization. We are in this for the cause, not for the money. The Arden Army officers use military style titles and uniforms just like The Salvation Army.

10 Reasons Why General Alexander “The Great Dane” Arden is the

Number 1


Prison Consultant

Sentencing Mitigation Specialist

  1. The only one who as his own Sentencing Mitigation Specialist, who authored his own 284 page 3553(a) Sentencing Mitigation motion with over 40 downward departures and served 10 years less than the prosecutor requested, even though he went to trial, which only 3% of all federal defendants do.
  2. The only one who was indicted in two different jurisdictions on multimillion dollar federal money laundering charges, which carried a possible sentence of 190 years and he succeeded in having no financial restitution at all.
  3. The only one who was both one of the elite “Inmate Companions on the Suicide Watch Team” in the “Federal Bureau of Prison’s” (FBOP) Psychology Department and was accepted into the “Residential Drug Abuse Program” (RDAP), which grants an 18-month sentence reduction.
  4. The only one who authored his own 2241 motion while incarcerated, receiving an additional 12 months off his sentence.”
  5. The only one who filed over 120 of his own “Administrative Remedies,” while incarcerated, resulting in a multi-jurisdictional lawsuit winning a large financial settlement against the United States government.
  6. The only one who earned a certificate of appreciation for 1000 hours of volunteer work from the FBOP Psychology Department for authoring a manual of over 100 pages titled, “How to Earn Your College Degree While Incarcerated.”
  7. The only one who earned a baccalaureate in biology from California State University and by completing numerous biology and chemistry courses he understands the “Bio-Chemical Addiction Repair Process.”
  8. The only one who has completed 293 hours of Intervention/AOD courses certified by the “National Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors” (NAADAC) and earned the title of “Nationally Certified Recovery Coach” (NCRC).
  9. The only one who survived for one year in the Brazilian state prison system, considered the most dangerous in the world, during his extradition process, giving him the self-defense skills to offer his “Fed 101 Boot Camp,” which demonstrates to clients how to protect themselves from violence in prison.
  10. The only one considered an “International Interventionist”. who has traveled to over 50 countries and been in the company of royal families. Interventions can be very confrontational as with inmates General Arden encountered in the Brazilian prison. No other interventionist has had this experience. General Arden is available for family and executive interventions worldwide. See the Intervention section under the page Arden Associates.

Clients often become involved with drugs and alcohol causing them to make the wrong decisions and commit crimes. General Arden requests that friends, families and business associates ask for an intervention, before there is any criminal indictment of their loved one.

In the event of an indictment, please see the page Arden Partners, our legal affiliate, which has an elite group of the best attorneys, who can represent clients in their criminal cases.

A proper “Sentencing Mitigation Report” (SMR), humanizes the client and can demonstrate to the court that the client was not in a proper state of mind when they allegedly committed the crime(s).

Because of the experiences General Arden has been through personally, he has developed a unique ability to empathize with clients and to build a solid rapport. This allows him to discover underlying mitigating factors, such as possible psychological conditions or previously undisclosed abuse, that could easily be missed by someone without his background and experience.

Probation officers and the court can be presented a 365-degree view of the client, giving judges the relevant historical, social and verifying documentation needed to support a sentence that provides the minimum punishment necessary to achieve the goals of sentencing.

General Arden can perform an extensive evaluation and interview with the client to discover numerous other “Downward Departure” factors for the SMR, which can result in an “Alternative Sentence” with a less or no prison time.

Clear recommendations for assessments or additional documentation will be made to complete a 3553(a) analysis. With the right evaluations and properly worded character letters in place, they deliver a winning strategy for the lowest possible sentence.

It is imperative that a “Substance Abuse Report” (SAR), be entered into the client’s “Pre-Sentencing Report” (PSR), known as “The Holy Grail” of all court documents, so that the client can qualify to enter the “Residential Drug Abuse Program” (RDAP) and be designated to a prison near their home and family.

Arden Associates, our behavioral health affiliate, has one of the very few professionals in the entire United States, who holds the degrees of psychiatrist, MD, attorney, JD and MBA, He understands forensic psychiatry, the law and business. He is available to testify as an expert witness at a client’s trial or sentencing and on their SNR, SAR and PSR with his highly regarded professional opinion.

A “Dual Diagnosis,” which means that the client has both mental health and addiction problems, is a powerful weapon to be used for an SMR, SAR and PSR in the argument against a client’s criminal charge(s).

“Posttraumatic Stress Disorder” (PTSD) can be caused by an event even as a child that a client has blocked out to not remember it, like physical or sexual abuse by a parent or other person.

“Major Depressive Disorder” (MDD). Who doesn’t have depression when they are going to be sent to prison away from their family and friends.

“Personality Disorders” (PD) is an enduring maladaptive pattern of behavior. Basically, a client may have not been in a normal frame of mind when they committed the crime.

There are specially designated institutions for “Dual Diagnosis” inmates, where RDAP is easier to complete and the prison looks like a college campus.

It is incredible that a federal judge’s recommendation for admission to RDAP and for a client to be designated to a prison, near the client’s residence, has no power and can be completely ignored by the FBOP.

Many inmates are very surprised and disappointed, when they find out that they are transferred to prisons thousands of miles away from their families and were also not accepted into RDAP, even with a judge’s recommendation.

General Arden’s professionals will complete the Substance Abuse Report (SAR) to justify the client’s admission to RDAP.

General Arden will make 100% sure that the client will be transferred to a prison near their home and they are accepted into RDAP, if they follow his instructions.

To obtain a thorough diagnosis for conditions for a client’s SMR, SAR and PSR, a client should enter a “Dual Diagnosis” healthcare center. A client’s medical insurance may pay for the treatment.

General Arden works with several, luxury “Residential Treatment” centers, where the food is excellent and a client can bring a smartphone, laptop and even a pet.

He also works with a non-residential “Intensive Outpatient Program,” which is in front of one of the best beaches in Southern California.

There are other Prison Consultants who brag on their websites that they did 10 or 20 years in prison. Is not getting a lesser sentence or not getting released early, really something to brag about? Obviously, they didn’t know then and don’t know now, anything about the law.

There is one Prison Consultant, supposedly retired from the FBOP, who uses the term “ex-felon” on his website. Famous journalists in well-known publications have also used the same wrong words. This is a completely erroneous and demonstrates their lack of knowledge.

An ex-felon convicted of a federal crime would mean it’s a person who received a pardon from the President of the United States of America, an extremely difficult document to obtain. The proper term is “ex-inmate”.

Don’t rely on an “ex-employee” of the prison system. Previously working for the FBOP does not imply they have any legal education or sentencing mitigation experience whatsoever. Maybe he was “fired” and not “retired.”

To receive an “Alternative Sentence” with less or no prison time, the organization to work with is The Arden Army. Remember, we are non-profit organization and are in this for the cause, not for the money

Historically in America, “5 Star Generals” were only appointed during war. It is a war and General Arden has been appointed the 5 Star General of the Arden Army. He will win the war for his clients and “Fight Addictions and the Feds” for their freedom.

Remember the Saying, “Don’t Mess with the Big Dog.”